Saturday, March 4, 2017


Bismillah Alhamdulillah, weeee after a really long time hahaha tak update anything so now I think that I would like to share about my sport day event kat IIUM ni

tapi takda la lari pegang tangan boypren cenggini. ittew pung sik ada bf

hmm so nak jadi ceritnay lepas ibg ( interbatch game) aku pun bertekad tanak join sport dah, acah busy gitu... tapi disebabkan KOD tak cukup runner untuk 4x100m, aku pun terjebak dilembah kepenatan ini. tanak la KOD kalah tak bermaruah hmmm. wah wah lama kot tak pecut2 ni. almost 4-5 years bela perut hm. tapi demi event ni terpaksa ganggu tumbesaran lemak2 yang sedang berusaha keras memenuhi ruang badan...-.- pantang duk sikit, makan,,, bosan...makan.. mana tak naik 5kg .

haha dapat tahu nak masuk event ni lagi 3 hari ..giler aaa lama tak training ! so terpaksa la bersakit sakit kaki training all out (acah) padahal sekali sehari je

tapi en punya la cuak, on that day nak lawan tu, nyawa tak lepas. hahah bukan setakat butterfly in stomach dahhh.. siap boleh buat zoo negara dah.

so nak jadikan cerita, kitorang terpaksa tukar tukar runner due to certain circumstances . cewah speaking konon. hahaha. sebabnya, ada yang injured. So bahaya sangat la kalau force juga nanti lain pula jadikan.

kat sini, aku just nak sentuh je sikit bab bab yang aku belajar dalam hal hal ehwal bersukan ni , gitu.. bila main dalam team ni, kita kena jadi kuat, untuk kawan kawan kita yang lain. bila semua rasa motivated nak jadi kuat,, insyaaAllah group tu akan jadi hebat.

Jangan lelah berusaha, miracle may happen but if not hahahha belajarlah untuk REDHA

how your feelings will effect others. hahaha contohnya, weh kalau ko down, aku pun down eh.. seeeriousssly. ni aku je la kot.. terkesan,, sebab dia akan rasa serabut perut if member down.. habis mood hahaha sebab I am willing to give my best version walaupun kasut terkeluar tapak. adoi.. drama habis. walaupun ni hanyalah acah acah willing sebab aku pun cuak juga...

so hmm tak seberapa update kali ni, tapi sebab nak update juga.. mana tahu kalau tua2 nanti boleh baca and ketawa sorang sorang

BTW, miracle tak jadi tadi hahaha so kitorang dapat no 1 dari belakang :P apa-apa pun jangan lupa berdoa sebelum lari tauuu annyeongg

Sunday, September 11, 2016


I was thinking what should I tell you,
It sounds like excuses that I created to meet you,
But it's not, something we need to do,
I don't want to have any relation regardings to you,

oh I don't want 

So, I texted you
asking will you be free
and I don't know what to say, it feels so different to finally texting you again
oh again,
when we actually used to text each other,
back then 2 years ago.

luckily you're free on the day we set,
before you have to go
flying to the place 
that we have discussed before.
I was confused, should I be happy or not
its mean that you have to go

no a little distance
but finally...
across the other side of the world.
if we follow the memories before,
it should be me instead then why should now it'll be her.

on that day, I was waiting for you,
not sure how the tummy feels,
still nervous and shaking,
the way I used,

waiting and hoping that you'll coming,
as you're so unsure,
to come or not,
yes I'm no longer deserve sort of your time,
but I'm still here, wasting my time,
writing about you,

you stand in front of me,
I was having my sixth senses
feelings that someone is watching,
when I looked up, you're waving
a little hye from your dancing lips,

statued, I was.
Not a figure, I used to meet,
well just let said,we have'nt meet more than 3 years
so you seems so unfamiliar with me,
not really sure, if I hit you with a smile?

but I remember I said let's us settle this,
sort of losing my words,
nervousness strike me, 
when they asked to fill the some part with my detail
it's weird that you still remember mine,.

you were asking so many questions,
I swear that I would like to reply,
but no, my heart get the scars bleeding again,
and tears start to burst,
only some hand signs I can showed,
when you asked, how's my life is going,
a thumb up will hide everything,

when you said sorry for everything,
it doesn't make things forgettable but much harder to relief,
I know you're looking at me, 
I can see through the reflection from the mirror in front of me,
I'm choosing to look away,
rather than looking at you,
I'm way better holding my tears, that way
but you noticed anyway,
saying my smiles could not hide the pain.

if you know I'm in pain, 
why still you treating me that way,
so you said, don't forget you when I'm getting married,
was'nt sure who's Im gonna pick,
rather than loving myself seems better, 
because you taught me, not to trust your gender
and you taught me that only me can wipe my own tears,

there are so many questions inside my head,
wanna ask you but rather keep it quiet,

when the things get settled, I walked away without saying anything,
just a "thank you" for coming,
for not wasting my sister's time,

but when i turned around,
I heard you say bye,
and I know,this would be the last goodbye.
we have no relation anymore.
sadly it feels like you said goodbye, while I'm still saying hi

all the eye contacts you're trying to make one, 
I choose to look away
because with that I know that I won't fall back.
but still standing.
wasn't sure about my feeling,
If I need someone or I just love to be alone,
it feels so bad when you break my soul, and I feel bad for breaking another souls,
I'm so sorry.

they said time will heal me, but no, it's only hide it, there's a time when it strike, 
I still cry like it was yesterday.

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