Saturday, October 14, 2017

It’s a failure but I hope it won’t last

Bismillah Alhamdulillah, a long sighhhhhhh I’m having a bad day ( not really ) it just that my cast doesn’t perform well 😔. I’ve do it many times but still hahaa. Yet need to ask for the dental technician to help me . 

I’ve never feel as loser as this time hahaha , usually my hands, they said ‘artsy’ . Hahaa but this time lol I guess emotional take part over me addition to empty stomach.. 

I feel like vomiting since yesterday.. so I didn’t take my breakfast and just drink plain water, haha told mom that I didn’t have a breakfast , she thought that I’m an extremist in taking care of my diet. Haha no of course, I love food but it just my taste bud won’t feel anything.. now I’m drinking soybean milk but urge to vomit is very high.. since I’m at the library, i will try to hold them 🤣

and not to forget yesterday’s first impression also was a bad one.

I’m not like this but I don’t know why I’m like this right now.. even typing seems to be hard.. hahaha I feel numb.. like having a sense that I’m gonna catch a cold. Pls my body stay strong 😂 I have lots of quizzes hahaha . Not a right time. #prayforsal 

I can do it better I guess because people around me they just did it easily.. where’s your soul hahaha ? Lol do it properly. Stay focus ! 

You can pick which one of my cast that you think is good but I guess none of them. 

Wassalamualaikum, lots of love , bella .

P/s: I guess some of us don’t like writing but I’m just gonna proceed my blog , perhaps a daily blog because I can write as much as I want. Without limit like Instagram hahahaha

my failed molds 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️

My sort of first primary impression

My second primary impression ( trials ended here hahaha) 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tuhan bantu aku

Oh Tuhan, 
Salahkah aku jika aku terlalu memilih,
Salahkah aku jika aku terlalu meminta ruang,
Salahkah aku mencari kepercayaan yang hilang,
Salahkah aku menolak orang yang datang,

Oh Tuhan,
Gimana patut aku lakukan?
Pantaskah aku lakukan? 
Atau lebih pantas jika aku lepaskan?
Rasa rasa ini yang patut ku tebas.

Oh Tuhan, 
Aku tahu mana cintaku hilang.
Aku tahu mana kepercayaanku terbang,
Aku tahu mana yakinku rapuh,
Aku tahu aku tak bisa jadi seperti dulu.

Oh Tuhan,
Kata kata manusia manusia itu indah belaka, 
Terkadang seakan buat aku lupa ,
Padahal mereka hanya sama, 
Mencuba nasib tika mereka sepi.

Oh Tuhan,
Tidak adakah yang benar benar ikhlas? 
Menghormati diri ini apa adanya.
Tidakkah mereka tahu, 
Aku bukan seperti yang lain.. 
Kerana cintaku pernah hancur, 

Dan mustahil tuk ku percaya lagi.

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